Shoes on the Rise

We think our trademark "Shoes on the Rise" sums up our commitment to getting your shoes off the floor, out of the boxes, off the shelves and in plain sight for easy selection. No more stumbling over shoes scuffing toes or breaking heels.

Our unique shoe/accessory racks allow you to customize the design to fit your individual application. Whether you choose Rotating, Slide-Out or Wall Mount - all can be optimized to your specific needs. Each rack or basket is designed to be easily relocated or removed as your needs change by simply lifting them, up and out, away from the attachment poles, and you choose to install racks and/or baskets on one or both sides as space or budget permits. Moving up to a larger place, or getting transferred - no problem. Simply remove a few screws and take your storage with you.

Our patent pending design for the shoe racks allow you to customize your shoe storage with either the single row or double row rack. Each rack has the unique "U" shape that accommodates shoes with or without shoe trees, and the double row is ideal for flip-flops, sandals or flats. Hole spacing every 6" along the attachment poles allow for a full range of adjustment to accommodate every shoe size or rack/basket combination. An optional tie and belt rack can also be added to help keep accessories together.

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